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Surfboard Art

Surfboard Art Multiple Decal


We are stoked to start supplying a totally new brand of artwork to the world surfing community. Surfing on a board with artwork supplied by a whale or dolphin, how cool is that ?

There are three ways of having the artwork on your new board .

1. Multiple images of any of the whale or dolphinsong with the repeated image being approx 8cm across and 0.5cm apart. Obviously as all the multiple images sheets come as 24'' across decals, if your board is only 19.5'' across there wil be plenty left over to give to your friends to make their own pattern with. Images can be fitted into your own designs too ! The image will be exact if it has clear boundaries eg. circular or will be circular with a background halo if the frequencies are too intricate to cut out.

2. 'Morph' or stretch a single image it to any length you wish it to be. On the 6'8'' pictured the decal was only 5'6'' but you may wish to wrap it round a rail for instance.

3. 'Single Image' Pick any image and have it on a 17" circular decal .

Surfboard Art Single Decal


We will then mail this FREE OF CHARGE within 10 days of your order direct to your shaper if you so wish.


Your shaper can glass it in as simply as any board decal. Pretty much zero weight will be added to the board.

Surfing on a board with artwork supplied by a whale or dolphin, how cool is that ?

See our surfboard art here!


If you have a particular piece of your own art that you wish to have glassed onto your new board- NOW YOU CAN !

Copyright must be secured by you if the art is not your own.

Simply email your artwork to us with your required dimensions and we will come back to you with a quote to deliver a top notch professional board decal to your (or your shapers') door - FREE OF CHARGE!

Surfboard Art Morphed Decal