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Customer Reviews

We aim to please.. so we are always happy to hear from our lovely customers! We love the warmth generated by our canvas,it really completes the lounge. Thanks you so much. Fiona Venn.

I found your website mentioned in an interiors magazine I was looking through and my interest was piqued because I love dolphins and whales and I'm interested in energy healing. I have bought two canvases and love them. One I have in my bedroom and the very night after I put it there, I dreamt about swimming with a dolphin.  Not a usual theme in my dreams at all and I didn't connect it to the picture until a while afterwards so I wasn't thinking about it as I went to sleep or anything. There is a beautiful energy of the dolphins or whales which comes with the pictures. Karenanne Bowman

I love my t shirt and painting.  Service was great, your communication was very good and I can't wait to see your new products.  Keep up the good work the whales and dolphins need you.  Best wishes, Carol


We chose a specific piece of Whalesong art (#C1218) because we'd actually seen orcas in the Straight of Juan de Fuca a few years before. We thought it was nice to have a deeper level of attachment to your work beyond it being 'just' great art. Chris Hope

Really pleased with my canvas. Great quality and a top service,thank you,Kris.