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Dolphin Song Recordings
About Whalesong Art
Renowned artist Mark Fischer makes stunning visual images of Whale and Dolphin song and creates the 'shape of the sound' through the science of wavelets.
Whalesong Art are the licensees to all countries outside the US for the original and stunning artwork created by Aguasonic Acoustics in San Francisco. Whilst reading the Daily Telegraph online we were drawn to an amazing and quite spectacular flash of colour. On further inspection it turned out to be the hydrophonic recording of a Humpback Whale song taken in the waters off Hawaii made into eco-artwork and 'the shape of the sound' by the renowned artist Mark Fischer at Aguasonic Acoustics using the mathematics of wavelets. (For more technical info go to our links section)
Mark Fischer has been heavily featured in US publications such as The NY Post, Time Magazine and the New Scientist. With more investigation we discovered that the images were specific to an individual whale or dolphin and could be displayed on wall canvasses or framed prints as dramatic, unique pieces of 'ocean art'.
'I've been a surfer for over 30 years so I've grown up with the ocean and its creatures very close to my heart. Also I've been lucky enough to surf with dolphins and whalewatch on some of my trips overseas and as anyone who has had the fortune to do so will tell you, the joy of the experience never ever leaves you. My wedding ring even has two dolphins on it !
Consequently when I saw the unique and stunning images from Aguasonic I just had to bring them to the world market with its growing number of people quite rightly concerned about making sure that cetaceans are here for future generations to enjoy and interact with. Through appreciation and conversation about the art we aim to help draw more attention to the plight of our cetacean friends. Apart from the underlying mission I just really, really love the art, its completely unique and a 'world first ! ' - Paul Lomax.
Whalesong Art will donate 10% of profits to WDC (The Whale and Dolphin Conservation ).
'In the end we will conserve only what we love, Love only what we understand, and, Understand only what we are taught.' 
Baba Dioum - legendary environmentalist.
Aguasonic Acoustics
The renowned 'shape of the sound' artist Mark Fischer has been celebrated in articles in Time Magazine ,the New York Post and the Daily Telegraph to name just a few. He explores sublety and nuance in sound primarily those of whale and dolphin song. The sound is seen as a multi-dimensional energetic expression and is given the freedom to emerge through highly tuned 'lenses' designed with mathematics. A wide spectrum of colour mapping lends contextual representation suggesting each sounds intrinsic character. Recordings are made using the highest quality equipment available and turned into art using Mark's Aguasonic wavelets process.
For a more detailed analysis of the techniques used to create the art please visit