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Whalesong Art aims to raise awareness of cetacean causes globally through conversation about the art !

These stunning images are a world first visual representation of whale and dolphin song recorded by 'shape of the sound' artist  Mark Fischer of Aguasonic Acoustics in San Francisco turned into whale and dolphin art through the mathematics of the wavelets programme.

They are helping us learn how and why these magnificent and sensient creatures communicate through song.

Whale art and dolphin art presented as framed prints of giclee quality using archival inks which are UV resistant to 200 years and on top quality 270gsm HP art paper in a matt finish. The wood frames are 1.5'' black ash with a matt black finish and the size stated is the measurement of the actual frame size outside edge to outside edge. Each image is taken to a border where bottom left is the identification of the original artist eg. Blue Whale and bottom right the Whalesong Art logo (without the web address) to guarantee the art is an original, both in signature pencil grey colour.

There are over 80 to choose from so simply place your favourites in the shopping cart and view from there.

We can't all be the ones chasing away the Japanese whaling fleet but by drawing attention to and discussing the increasing problems facing cetaceans you are helping their cause.

To help keep the original artists singing we will donate 10% of our profit to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - WDCS.

(The actual framed prints of these images will not have the logo at bottom right , it's just a watermark)

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